Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The name game

Some people’s names seem very appropriate. On the current music scene for example we have Amy Winehouse who does indeed appear to be a structure that contains a lot of alcohol. One that made me chuckle recently was somebody being interviewed on a news program about water conservation whose surname was Spray.

Then there are people whose names suggest to me something they are not.
Robbie Williams always seemed a good name for a snooker player - instead of making the ladies feel sorry for him with his little boy lost, can’t find no love act – give me a break! At the Crucible in Sheffield! And how about Noel and Liam Gallagher – great names for a couple of mega talented modern day rock gods, whereas in reality….

The names of two of the artists on the Cookin’ With Kent LP are similarly distracting. Somehow Larry Davis doesn’t seem a good name for an R’n’B performer, rather it conjures up images of somebody who could have had a shot at a world heavyweight boxing championship. Then there is Arthur K. Adams. I suppose the K dilutes the image somewhat, but for me Arthur Adams will always be a wizened little man that used to live about five doors down the road when I was a nipper.

I must get these images out of my head because they are in danger of spoiling my enjoyment of these good old fashioned R’n’B tracks. Hope I haven’t spoiled things for you.

Larry Davis – I’ve Been Hurt So Many Times 1970>
Arthur K. Adams – I’m Lonely For You 1968

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