Saturday, April 29, 2006

Blue is the colour

London Lee over at #1 Songs In Heaven nailed his colours to the mast recently with his touching words on Peter Osgood the great Chelsea player who died recently.

Well it’s my turn to show my colours now, and yes, they are the same as London Lee’s.

CONGRATULATIONS to Chelsea FC - English Premier League CHAMPIONS for the second season running following their 3-0 win over Manchester Utd.

A commentator on the game today said that Chelsea wait 50 years for a league title and then two come along at once. This draws on the UK saying that you wait ages for a bus and then two come along at once.

Of course in true British fashion Chelsea, as winners, are now the team to hate in the partisan world of football supporters. Plenty say that it is Roman Abramovich’s money that has bought the title. But a huge amount of credit must go to the players and the manager Jose Mourinho who has developed a fantastic team spirit – a funky driver on a funky bus.

In fact listening to today’s track although the title sits perfectly with my point the lyrics are less appropriate. But as I see it there is something for everybody in this post – Chelsea fans can enjoy my words, Chelsea naysayers might relate to the lyrics in Charles Leonard’s track, and for those of you couldn’t care less about English Premier League football (which I suspect will be most of you who read this) you can simply enjoy the music!

Back to the celebrations!

Charles Leonard – Funky Driver On A Funky Bus Pt.1 1971 (gone)


LondonLee said...

Top man!

I often find that good taste in music goes with good taste in football teams.

I was going to do a post on the title win but I did one last year and I'm still a bit gobsmacked that we did it again.

Darcy said...

Now we really need to crack the Champions League next season.

Come on you Blues!

johnny said...

Mmm well done Blues on winning the title.
Maybe if we get a decent result at Elland road tonight we could be soon back to continue our traditional rivalry. Not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

man u need i say more great site and sounds