Sunday, March 12, 2006

Happy Birthday x2 Pt.1

Well, here goes… Feel It is born today. I’ve been enjoying the output of a number of other mp3bloggers for sometime now (see list right), so thought it was about time to a have a go myself.
I started buying records as a teenager in the early 70s. Bowie, Roxy Music, Steely Dan, and Elton John being early favourites. But I also quickly developed a love for soul and funk (as it was called then). To my mind soul and funk music harbours a mass of buried treasure – forgotten, or just plain unknown classics. So you will find this blog is likely to dust off more records in these genres than anything else, but anything goes. The first mp3s will appear tomorrow in Happy Birthday x2 Pt. 2 for a reason that will then become clear.


Fat Kat said...

Hi Darcy
your plug on cratediggers worked. Interesting site. Unfortunately my work pc does not do sound so the Mp3s will have to wait. Are they tracks or mixes? This is the kind of site we want to establish in homage to a 90s club night in Dublin called Club Wau. (Wau being a city in Sudan).

Great start to your site though. Its fun innit! I'll be interested to view it in full sound and interested to see how it develops.
Good luck and thanks.
Fat Kat

Conscious said...

Happy Born Day 'Feel It'
We'll be stopping by all the time...
You'll be on the front page of before you can type in the url.

Look forward to future posts.

Darcy said...

thanks for the comments guys

Fat Kat:
they're songs, straight from the vinyl

thanks for the link

Miss F said...

yay, hooray for this blog~